The Force 1800 Review

The Force 1800 Electric Pressure Washer is a low profile but highly mobile and compact machine. The Force 1800 performs its functions as a cold water electric pressure washer. This machine comes with a Total Stop System (TSS) trigger gun that has a trigger safety switch. The motor is built artistically to automatically shut off whenever the trigger is released, prolonging the performance and life of your device.

The Force 1800 also comes with an adjustable nozzle that has the ability to change the spray from a wide fan spray into a pencil point spray. The spray can also be changed into a spinning turbo nozzle or an angle nozzle, with each of these carrying out specific functionalities. The machine is CE, ROHS, GS, and EMC certifies. You will certainly love how well this product cleans the surfaces, and is suitable for those who have had bad experiences with other pressure washer models.

The Force 1800

The Force 1800 features a unique foot operated on and off switch along with the proprietary TSS – Total Stop System which allows for the minimization of water usage. The machine features overheating protection with the Brush motor that has a thermal sensor. These and many more features makes this pressure washer stand out from the rest.

Features of The Force 1800

  • Total Stop System (TSS). With this system utilized in the pressure washer, the motor is designed to automatically shut off whenever the trigger is released. Apart from reducing wastage of power consumption, this system also prolongs the life of the motor.
  • Unique On/Off Switch Operated by Foot. Since this pressure washer is manually operated, there is need for the capability of the operator to control the machine not only when the motor is turned on and off, but also the speed of the motor during operation. The user may need to control all these aspects of the pressure washer in order to maximize the production efforts. The unique on/off switch provides the user with a viable way to achieve this object and free their hands to enhance other operation duties.
  • Brush Motor With Thermal Sensor. This feature is unique in the machine since it is responsible for protecting any occurrences of overheating. If overheating is protected, then you can be assured that the motor will last for a longer time working at optimal performance.
  • Working Pressure of 1600-1800 PSI and 1.6 GPM. With this capability, you can be assured of optimal performance and a relatively excellent work at the end of the cleaning process.

Advantages of The Force 1800

  • Good Design. The Force 1800 is well made, has very good connectors, and a flexible hose that makes it easier to get around and clean the hard to reach areas of the surface. The flexibility of the hose allows the user to coil it up easily and hang it on the handle.
  • Compact and Low to the Ground. This allows the machine to tag along with the user instead of falling over.
  • Doesn’t Leak. Most of the other models do leak and this can lead to wastage. However, the Force 1800 doesn’t leak and you can save greatly on the liquid used for cleaning surfaces.

Things to Be Aware of

There have been a few complaints from the customers concerning the power rating of this pressure washer. The addition of a little more power to this machine would certainly get it the highest rating.

Bottom Line

The Force 1800 is a really well made, easy to use pressure washer that has enough power to facilitate usual everyday cleaning tasks.

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