Sun Joe SPX4000 Review: Is this Electric Pressure Washer Worth Buying?

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Selecting a good Pressure Washer for your home can be a challenging task, especially when most washers are pretty expensive, require gasoline, and require additional investments in the form of parts to suit the needs of your home. However, that is simply not the case with the Sun Joe SPX4000 Power Washer. It is a smaller Power Washer that requires no gasoline to use.

Furthermore, most of the required parts which you can need for your home cleaning projects are already pre-included in the packaging, which helps you further save up on buying additional parts for your cleaning sprees. Also, the diverse sets of features and security measures included in the machine only make it much more of a worthy power washer which seldom leaves you yearning for more.

The Power Washer is targeted at those who wish to use it in their homes to clean their cars, decking, fences, walls, and other outdoor surfaces. The washer is inadequate for larger areas and surfaces, but will more than satiate the needs for a home cleaning project no matter how much grime needs to be removed to make your surfaces squeaking clean again.

Without further ado, let’s head into the specifications of the product along with what’s so good about it. We’ll also be covering what the unit lacks and could improve upon, along with reviews of what other users think about it.


Sun Joe SPX4000

The Sun Joe SPX4000 is a compact sized pressure washer measuring at 37 x 18 x 22 inches and weighing merely 27.8 pounds. While this may be larger than other pressure washers by Sun Joe, but is still quite small compared to other pressure washers on the market, especially the commercial variants. It can dispense up to 1.76 Gallons of liquid per minute and has a controllable knob to select the amount of pressure involved which ranges form 1450 PSI to 2030 PSI for all kinds of grime.

It also uses a 14.5 amp motor and two tanks of soap with 30 fl oz capacities each. Furthermore, the machine also features an Total Stop System which switches off the motor when the trigger isn’t being pressed and saves both the motor and any children or pets around the machine. The machine also has a two-year long warranty with excellent customer support. That’s all about the machine.

Now as far as the entire package is concerned, it consists of five different spray nozzles which come along with the machine itself, measuring 0, 15, 25, and 40 for various pressure requirements while cleaning varying degrees of dirt and grime. In other words, it can be gentle and it can also very, very intense.

The last spray nozzle is used to dispense soap at lower pressures which is essential for cleaning surfacing to shine without damaging them. The package also contains an extendable wand, a 20-foot long uniform pressure hose, a power cord with GFCI protection, a garden hose connector, as well as a cleaning kit. Not only that, the machine doesn’t require much assembly and can be used as soon as it is taken out of the packaging with minimal adjustments made to it.


  • Compact in size (Easy to store and manage.)
  • Comes with wheels.
  • Doesn’t use Gasoline, runs on Electricity.
  • Makes less noise.
  • Dynamic Pressure selection system.


  • Lightweight, but the outer is made of plastic.
  • Not an industry level pressure washer, so don’t think of using it to clean anything larger than a home.
  • Can’t be used at places where there’s no power supply.

The above pros and cons have been backed by claims, the reason why we mentioned them in a tabular form was to allow you to get a glance of them. However, if you want to know the reasons why that particular point was a pro or a con, then you should consider reading below and finding out both in detail.


  • The Sun Joe SPX4000 is a worthy Power Washer for the price being paid for it. It can clean most surfaces which one can expect to encounter at homes and it is exceptionally efficient at handling them. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at the various advantages of this beautiful machine one by one.
  • The machine is quite compact in size making it very easy to store and manage as compared to other machines of similar purpose. It can easily fit inside of most sheds, attics, and garages without taking up much space for other things. The smaller size and the lighter weight also means that the machine is much easier to lift up and handle around the home making your cleaning projects just that much more easy and efficient at the same time. The longer size of the power washer generally doesn’t pose a problem as the machine is particularly difficult to tip over owing to its broad base. Finally, the machine is designed with wheels at its base, making the machine easier to stroll around with even if you don’t want to carry it around with you.
  • The power washer is not gasoline-powered, meaning that it makes much less noise as compared to a gas-powered power washer.
  • The Sun Jose exclusive Pressure selection system which is available on the rest of their power washers is also available on this model as well. This enables you to switch the pressure output of this device while spraying, making cleaning that much more easier for you. The lower setting dials the pressure down to as low as 1450 PSI which is sufficient for most cleaning operations. However, in the case that it seems to be ineffective, you always have the choice of increasing the intensity to as high as 2030 PSI which should be more than enough for a thorough cleaning of any surface and should take care of most dirt and grime.
  • The machine has an in built safety feature named the Total Stop System or the TSS which enables you to stop the motor as soon as your let go of the trigger. This takes out two birds with one stone by not only saving the life of the motor and water, but also acts as a built in safety feature in case there are any kids or pets around the machine and may run the risk of injuries.
  • Perhaps the best feature of the power washer is the long two year warranty which the company provides. In case there are any faults with the machine within the next two years, the company will be more than willing to replace your faulty or defective product with a new one. To add on top of that, the customer service is also quite helpful in these matters.
  • Finally, the machine comes with five different five quick connect spray tips of 0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees in measurement and finally one meant for dispensing soap. These spray tips decrease the pressure of the the stream of water with a gradual increase, making your cleaning operations much more customisable as you wouldn’t want to use higher pressures or concentrations on surfaces that can easily get scarred or marked with the intense force of water being put out.
  • The final quick connect spray tip, the soap spray tip is the only one which dispenses soap and it is useful for lathering up more sensitive surfaces such as those of cars so that they can be cleaned easily without harming the paint on the car or scratching the metal. Additionally, all the extra hoses and adapters provided are attachable or accessible at the front of the machine with the exception of the hose adapter, which is built into the back. What’s more is that all of these additional parts have a place to be kept within the machine itself, making storing them easier without running the risk of losing them.
  • That’s more than enough praise to persuade anyone to purchase the machine under the spotlight. However, before we get carried away by all the glitter, let’s take a look at all that the machine lacks, even though there aren’t many areas where it is found lacking.


  • With a machine this good and at such a price point, there have to be a few drawbacks to it. However, it is quite surprising that the Sun Joe SPX4000 has so few of them which won’t exactly be causing you much trouble. However, just to make sure that you get a good idea of that in which you’re investing your money, we’ll be covering what this specific power washer lacks as well.
  • While the weight of the machine is quite light and the size is quite compact with a broader base, the exterior material is still made of cheaper plastic, making the machine more prone to breaking from a fall or other similar impacts.
  • Continuing upon the last point, even though the machine is smaller than most other power cleaners, it also acts as a drawback for it as it is held down by its size. If it was a little larger, it could’ve doubled up as a commercial power washer in addition to a household power washer. However, in its current state, it is confined to simply cleaning home surfaces. Anything larger than a home, and you’ll start wishing that you had an industrial power washer instead.
  • The uniform pressure hose provided with the machine is only twenty metres in length, making it rather short. It is rather tedious to use when being used outside while plugged inside. There is a garden hose adapter, but it needs a uniform pressure pipe to work.
  • The SPX4000 also lacks the tangle free cord from the SPX3000, making maneuvering the machine just a tid bit more difficult.
  • Furthermore, not running on gasoline means that it cannot be used just anywhere and is heavily reliant on a working power source for usage.
  • Finally, the most concerning drawback of the machine is the fact that it uses proprietary attachments for it. This means that all attachments have to be bought from Sun Joe and you cannot use any other attachments you might have had from previous power washers. While they do have most attachments available, and the machine itself provides you with sufficient attachments, in case you need one and Sun Joe doesn’t sell it, you’re stuck.

User Reviews

The User Reviews for the product are mostly positive with a few of them which are not towards the positive end of the spectrum. Most users are pleased with the performance of the Sun Joe SPX4000 while there are a few who are concerned about the performance that the machine provides.

It may be notable here that the performance issues are primarily being faced by those who have previously used gas-powered power washers, which certainly do have a minor edge when it comes to cleaning for a higher cost to along with that.


In case you didn’t like the machine after reading about it, you may be interested in other similar electric-powered pressure washers:

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Some downgrades, if you aren’t looking for a machine powerful like this:

We’ll be adding reviews about them shortly as well. In the meantime, let’s head to over to our final verdict of the machine.


The Sun Joe SPX4000 is certainly a power washer worthy of its reputation. After all, it wasn’t the #1 best seller in the USA for no reason. The pressure settings which the power washer offers are quite useful to focus on the preservation of your surfaces and switch over to a more intense wash when required. That combined with the Total Stop System adds to paramount health and safety for you when using the power washer.

Finally, even the quick connect spray tips are diverse and can accomodate the cleaning needs of most households with greater ease even without tips meant for specialisation in scrubbing Decks and walls of the home. Just to clarify, investing on those would provide better results. Just that they aren’t a complete necessity. The only real problem with this machine is that it has a hose limited to 20 feet, which is just a little short.

However, with all the built in safety features and adjustable powers in the machine, cleaning is as easy and efficient now as it never was before. Especially when you want to save the items you’re cleaning from getting damaged. And to add on top of that, most of what you would need are already included in the packaging and come as a part of the deal, saving you additional investment not only in the form of Gasoline, but also in the form of additional tools and spray nozzles.

All things considered, the Sun Joe SPX4000 is a brilliant machine to own and to use, especially considering how effective it is in removing dirt and grime from surfaces that need cleaning.

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