Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High Pressure Washer Review

This is the words SnowJoe the makers of the Sun Joe SPX3000 use to describe their latest pressure washer on the market. Every few months manufacturers come out with a new design that they proclaim to be better than all the rest , the easy part is saying it but the hard part is proving it, with my Sun Joe pressure washer review I hope to answer a lot of those questions.


Probably best to start off with what kind of power the SPX3000 will dish out , it comes with a nice big 1800 Watt electric motor, usually pressure washers have smaller watts than this so you know with something this high you can be sure you are getting a lot of power.

For me personally I noticed that despite the big motor it was still quiet , this is a good indication of the level of quality the electric motor is since it is still a quieter than a gas pressure washer you don’t need to worry about upsetting your neighbors.

The electric motor is capable of generating 2,030 PSI and 1.76 GPM , this gives you 3,573 cleaning units , for an electric pressure washer in this price range this is very strong , almost bordering on the kind of power you would find on a gas powered pressure washer , to give you an example , the AR 383 which is the biggest selling electric pressure washer on Amazon has 2,850 cleaning units. I was really impressed with how much pressure this machine can deal out.

With this kind of cleaning power you will be able to make quick work of any stubborn stains you can throw at this machine. This will chew up any mildew or road dirt you can think of.


A very nice feature of this pressure washer is the 2 separate detergent tank system , what is this I hear you ask , well the benefit of this is that you can have two different types of detergent with you at all times , maybe one for general cleaning and one for cleaning cars. Having said that , you do still need to make sure you choose the correct detergent as on this machine the wrong type can damage the pump.

To be honest though, from my experience of using this machine I don’t think you will be needing to use any detergents to help clean since the machine is strong enough in its own right to clean most surfaces you will find at home.Not only is it strong but since it has a good amount of GPM it is fast as cleaning also.

Delivery this performance is a 34 inch extension spray wand , with it you get a sturdy metal lance with this one which is usually found on more expensive machines , this metal lance will take more damage than the cheaper plastics ones you usually see with an electric pressure washer.

Helping you to move this machine around is 2 wheels on the back , since the machine is stronger than most electric machines it is therefore heavier and it isn’t the easiest of machines to carry round ,not like the AR 118 anyways , so the added benefit of having these wheels makes it a whole lot easier to move around especially if you have a large property to clean.


Usually for an electric pressure washer you find a fairly simple plastic wand that you just twist to change the tip of the spray nozzle but with this one you get five interchangeable quick connect nozzle tips , with this you will be able to use a 0 degree spray to get at those really hard to move stains or use the 25 degree tip on the more delicate surfaces since 0 degrees can damage a lot of surfaces if you are not careful. As I was saying you get 5 tips ranging from 0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and finally a soap tip which you can store on the machine itself on the back of the handle.

This is nice because you can quickly change the power of the machine by switching to a wider tip and not need to worry about damaging anything which is very possible at 2,030 PSI

To help you get to those hard to reach places is the 20 foot high pressure hose that can be stored right on the side of the machine and also the 35 foot power cord.

Another good feature of this unit is the TSS or total stop system , on pressure washers if you keep the pump running without holding down the trigger on the gun the water getting cycled inside the pump will heat up and damage the seals inside the pump eventually killing your nice new pressure washer. With the TSS the machine will turn itself off as soon as your let go of the trigger on the gun, this alone is a huge positive over gas pressure washers.

When I was researching for this review I noticed some people complaining about the garden hose adapter that comes in the box which can easily leak, usually this is caused by two things , you have either cross-threaded the adapter and it isn’t sitting correctly so be careful when you’re assembling it or else you need to use a little white Teflon tape to tighten up the seals.

When I ordered this pressure washer I bought it off Amazon since they were the cheapest and with my Amazon Prime I was able to get it in only 2 days , I have read that some people found the instructions included in the box to be a little confusing but no worries ,you can download the instructions directly from the Sun Joe website if you have the same problem.

Lastly what I will add is what I believe to be one of the most important factors , you get a two year warranty on this machine , this is a long time for an electric pressure washer especially in a world where the cheap ones only last about 50 to 60 hours before going to pressure washer heaven.

Yes this machine costs more than others but you get a lot for that price , a lot of power , good quality internal parts backed up by a two year warranty and the versatility of being able to use it for big and small jobs .Many other happy customers can be found in the review section on Amazon also.

At the moment of me writing out this review the SPX 3000 was just under $200 ,the price usually stays around the same but I have found Amazon to be by far the cheapest and easiest to deal with of all sellers , Click here for the latest Amazon price.

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