Sun Joe SPX2000 Review

Best electric pressure washers generally come with a hefty price tag attached to them. But this is not the case with Sun Joe SPX2000. It is an incredible electric pressure washer available at an affordable price. This extremely lightweight pressure washer merely weighs 17.4 pounds. Easy movability and effective cleaning make it ideal for light to medium duty residential cleaning tasks. Its lightweight does not compromise with its performance or long-lastingness. Sun Joe SPX2000 has proven itself to be one of the best when it comes to residential pressure washers.

Sun Joe SPX2000 propels 1.59 GPM (gallons per mile) of water at 1740 PSI (pressure per square inch). This is ideal for the even the toughest residential cleaning jobs. It is generally hard to get such enormous pressures of cleaning from such a lightweight electric pressure washer. This pressure washer runs on a 12.5-amp/1500-Watt motor which enhances the cleaning process exponentially. This motor cleans the objects with enormous thrust optimizing the pressure washer’s performance. These specifications are perfect for a residential pressure washer for optimum performance.

Sun Joe SPX2000

Sun Joe SPX2000 is a powerful pressure washer with an Onboard detergent tank of 0.9L. This detergent tank reduces the effort of carrying the soap water separately. It enhances the cleaning with detergent spray mode and pressure water mode. This lightweight electric pressure washer can be used for residential and outdoor cleaning jobs. A 34-inch extension wand extends the hose pipe for easy cleaning. There are 2 cleaning modes available on the pressure washer – 0° and 45°. 0° is for intense cleaning purposes and 45° is for gentle and lighter cleaning.

Features of the Sun Joe SPX2000

  • Adjustable Spray Nozzle. The adjustable nozzle of this pressure washer easily controls the water pressure. It exerts different pressures depending upon the user's needs and requirements.
  • Quick Switching. Sun Joe SPX2000 comes with 2 rear wheels that make its movement easier. Lightweight is another factor for easy maneuverability of the machine.
  • Onboard Detergent Tank. It comes with a 0.9L onboard detergent task that helps in cleaning the rigid stains off the cars, windows, titles and other objects.
  • Trigger Lock. Trigger lock is a safety feature that is meant for the safety of the children trying to experiment with the electronic gadgets in your house.
  • TSS. TSS or Total Stop System turns off the pressure washer within seconds. This safety feature is highly advantageous under any kind of emergencies.

Advantages of the Sun Joe SPX2000

  • Warranty. Unlike most electric pressure washers, Sun Joe SPX2000 comes with a 2 year warranty. If your pressure washer faces a glitch within 2 years from the purchase, it will be rectified at no cost.
  • Lightweight. Merely 17.4 pounds in weight, it is easy to carry and move. Easy mobility increases the overall effectiveness of the pressure washer.
  • Zero Noise. The pressure washer creates least amount of noise and vibration during the operation. It is hassle free and noise free pressure washer enhancing your cleaning experience.
  • Low Maintenance. Being a Sun Joe product, it does not require much maintenance for good performance.

Things to Be Aware of

All the parts of this electric pressure washer have been made out of plastic. The plastic body of the pressure washer reduces the overall weight but reduces the durability and strength of the machine as well. It is not recommended for heavy duty cleaning purposes. Keep it restricted to light duty cleaning jobs.

Bottom Line

Though it is not the best pressure washer in the market, it does thesatisfactory cleaning for your residential objects. Affordable in price, light in weight and efficient in performance, Sun Joe SPX2000 can be a good choice for your home cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Can it be used for heavy-duty commercial cleaning purposes?

A.1) Not at all. Please use it just for light duty cleaning jobs.

Q.2) How long are the hose pipe and power chord?

A.2) Hosepipe and Power chord are 20 feet long and 35 feet long respectively.

Q.3) Where can I purchase it online at the best price?

A.3) You should purchase it on Amazon at a heavily discounted price.

Q.4) Is it available for shipping in all the states of USA?

A.4) Yes, it can be shipped in all the US states. It can also be shipped to some international countries as well.

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