If you are considering buying the Simpson PS3228-S Powershot 3200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer you are probably someone who has a large amount of area to clean and want to do it fast ,not sitting around for a puny electric pressure washer to clean 1 square foot per hour.That’s why today I’m doing this pressure washer review, to give you a better understanding of why you might want this machine and if its for you.

This is a borderline commercial pressure washer.So be sure you really need it as it doesn’t come cheap.There isn’t many stains this cant remove.I believe at this price range you should be looking to increase the gallons per minute or G.P.M and not the P.S.I. as anything over 3,000 P.S.I will have to be extremely stubborn to avoid this amount of power.

The high G.P.M is what really makes cleaning fast on the Powershot and is the real factor to look at to determine how efficiently you can clean something ,where as the with the high P.S.I you need to make sure you don’t damage anything you are cleaning.Once you get over 3,000 P.S.I there isn’t many stains that can resist this much pressure

Having said that, if you don’t mind spending this amount of money on a pressure washer you will be getting a seriously strong and reliable machine, I would say unless you are doing this professionally there is not much more you need than this and that says a lot about the price.Your getting a ton of power for a really good price.

Firsts things first, this washer pumps out 3,200 P.S.I of water at 2.8 G.P.M to give you 8,960 cleaning power units. I have not researched all the machines on the market today but I’m going to say that its the highest C.P.U anywhere near this price range.


The most important point about this washer is the Honda engine.Ever since I went on a motorbike trip a few years ago using a Honda I got to know just how much of a workhorse they are… This engine will live longer than any other part on the pressure washer, which is good because its also the most expensive part. That’s doesn’t mean they don’t need to be taken care of. This is not an electric motor, it still needs a little bit of love now and again to ensure you get to use it season after season. Properly taken care of there is no reason this engine should not last over a decade.

Like a lot of engines like this they won’t come with much oil inside them when you first get it. So you’ll need to make sure you top it up before turning it on.Whenever doing this always pour in slowly as sometimes when they get near the top the drain is very small and can over flow onto the ground very quickly.

Also in the instructions they mention to ALWAYS hold the trigger on when starting the machine to let any air out that is stuck inside the pump.This is to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. Also you should never turn any pressure washer on if there is no water going to the pump.

Pulling the cord on this engine is really easy.You don’t need to be a strong man to yank it.Very often the first pull should start the engine right up.

Also on this engine is an oil alert, another one of the many fail safes to ensure you have a long happy life with the washer.

The Pump

The pump on the Simpson is a Triplex design.This is one of the cheapest pressure washers you can get your hands on that comes with a triplex pump.These are more reliable and long lasting than a regular axial pump.The main reason is the general design of the pump but also here you have a thermal relief that will knock the pump off if the water gets too warm inside.If it was to get too warm the heat would damage the pump.

Does that mean its fine to leave your pump running for 10 minutes without water passing through it ? NO ,it certainly doesn’t, however it does give you extra piece of mind if you were to forget.

Also the heat control can be attributed to the use of ceramics inside the pump.Just like the ceramics that are used on a sports cars brakes to reduce heat, well the same principle is applied here.I’m not 100% sure on this but the pump alone on this washer costs upwards of $300.

Another point to remember is these pumps are repair friendly.Very often you can find someone to repair one of these as opposed to an axial pump where the costs to repair are in line with the price of a whole new machine.

Watch this to give you an idea of how quickly it can clean and also how quiet the Honda engine is.

Operating the Pressure washer

With the way they have designed the frame it means its very stable but also means its a little on the low side for people over 6 foot. However it should still be easy to move around as it comes with proper air filled 10 inch tyres. No cheap plastics here ! I’m 6 foot and I found bending over to lift it onto its wheels a little annoying but after a while you get to know how far the hose can reach and where to park the washer.

When you move the unit, especially if its been on for a few minutes be careful none of the tips have not fallen out.I found that one of them had vibrated itself loose from its holder near the handle.Speaking of tips, you get five tips included ranging from pencil thin to remove ingrained stains up to wide rinsing tips that are mostly used to rinse.

The hose is 25 feet long, unfortunately its not rubber.It would have been nice to get a rubber hose at this price but the hose is still a higher quality than what you normally get with an electric pressure washer.On the hose itself are brass connections so they can stand up to more punishment than regular plastic quick connectors.

With all gas driven pressure washers there is a problem where the hose may lean against the hot engine during use and melt a hole into the hose.When this happens its best to get a new hose.To remove this problem its best to use cable ties or tie wraps to keep the hose away from the engine and guide it along the frame.

Some things to be aware of.

There was a few mentions relating to a smell of gas coming from the box. Simpson has said this is as a result of testing back at the factory.

Also some people have mentioned when they needed servicing it was very difficult to find a service center willing to do work on it. Its worth while remembering that very often small engine mechanics are able to fix these washers also.


Is this pressure washer for everybody ? No probably not ,with the added maintenance of a gas engine and the price ,it will probably turn many people away and that’s fine because this gas pressure pressure isn’t made for everybody.

If you have a large area that needs cleaning regularly and you want to do it quickly with the least amount of fuss and effort this is the machine for you.This machine will really eat through any dirt you can throw at it in record time.

Part of the reason for the high price is the top quality you get from the Honda engine.With all the features considered this is probably the cheapest washer you can find. The price is very good when you consider the quality of parts you’re getting.

When I bought this pressure washer it was with a $620 discount from Amazon , I bought it from Amazon because they were the cheapest and the quickest to deliver.

I often say to people to go half and half when buying one of these pricier washers. It’s not like you’re using it everyday and it really lowers your initial investment.You can split it between 2 or 4 people,its up to you.Just make sure everyone agree’s on how the machine should be operated.

Overall I doubt you’ll be able to find anything in a regular home this can’t remove.

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