Powerstroke PS80519 Review

The Powerstroke PS80519 is a gas pressure washer that features an ultra-compact frame as well as a powerful 140cc motor. This machine is suitable for those people who prefer keeping their belongings in a neat manner from one season to the other. It comes equipped with one 25ft long, 3/8 inch diameter, and non-marring high-pressure hose. It is also equipped with 25 and 40-degree high-pressure fan nozzles, a single low-pressure soap nozzle, and a trigger handle.

This pressure washer is perfect for cleaning walkways, decks, siding, patios, furniture, cars, as well as other outdoor equipment. It is also PWMA certified and you can rest assured that whatever you see on the picture is what you get delivered at your doorstep.

Powerstroke PS80519

The Powerstroke PS80519 comes in an ultra-compact design with a powerful 140cc motor. It features an aluminium axial cam pump and precision nozzles that allow for 24 to 40 degree fan spray capabilities. Adding to the spraying capabilities is a 21 inch chrome plated spray wand. All accessories can be conveniently stored on board with the storage compartments attached.

Features of the Powerstroke PS80519

  • Ultra-Compact Frame & Powerful 140cc Motor. With this motor, you can enjoy a low initial cost, long life, low maintenance and requirements, high efficiency, automated control, as well as assured occupational safety.
  • Aluminium Axial Cam Pump. This type of pump is much more reliable and efficient as compared to the wobble pumps. The pump features a larger bearing as well as oil reservoirs. Thus, they are endowed with the power to run harder and even longer. On average, this pump can last for about 600-700 hours before any repairs are necessitated.
  • Precision 24 & 40 degree High Pressure Fan Nozzles. These two different types of high pressure nozzles ensure that you can eliminate different types of dirt on the surface depending on the intensity of pressure required. The functionality of these nozzles is boosted by a 21-inch chrome plated spray wand and low pressure soap nozzles that are important especially when dealing with tough stains.
  • Conveniently On-Board. You can store all the equipment in the storage compartment available on the Powerstroke PS80519 to avoid cases of misplacement.

Advantages of the Powerstroke PS80519

  • Powerful Device. The Powerstroke PS80519 pressure washer has plenty of power for various applications and is suitable for home and professional use. The motor behind this impressive performance runs for a long time utilizing very little gas.
  • Easy Power Washing. Since the machine has three quick connect nozzles with an extended reach of 25’, the high pressure hose makes the power washing process easier.
  • Suitable for Concrete Patio & Driveways. Customers who have used this machine to clean these two surfaces before have recorded impressive recommendations. You can as well try it on these two services and you will certainly be happy with the performance of the machine.

Things to Be Aware of

There are concerns about the initial start-up process of this pressure washer. However, not many users have reported this shortcoming and there is no need for new buyers to worry.

Bottom Line

The Powerstroke PS80519 is among the few choices you need to consider when you need a little gas pressure washer that is quite easy to move around.

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