Powerplay PJR2000 Review

When it comes to the best electric pressure washers, there is a long list. Powerplay PJR2000 PressureJet is definitely on the list. This residential pressure washer on Amazon is on the higher end of the price list of the electric pressure washers. But the quality, durability and performance it proffers is simply unmatchable. It runs on a 120V Universal Engine which is renowned for exhibiting exceptional quality. It does not create any extra noises and keep the vibration during the cleaning process to a bare minimum.

Powerplay PJR2000 PressureJet propels 1.4 GPM (gallons per mile) of water at 2000 PSI (pressure per square inch) which is too much to ask from an electrical pressure washer. It can also be used for light duty commercial cleaning jobs along with residential cleaning tasks. It runs on the Annovi-ReverberiHigh-Pressure Axial pump to deliver a water-flow rate of 1.4 GPM. There is no question about its long lastingness for the best quality industrial plastic and metal has been used to fabricate this pressure washer.

Powerplay PJR2000

Powerplay PJR2000 PressureJet weighs around 27.9 pounds which is ideal for an electric pressure washer. This much weight allows easy mobility along with zero compromises with the quality of the material being used for the construction of the pressure washer. Wide track wheels under this pressure washer help in movement around the house and outdoors. From cleaning windows to rinsing decks to washing SUV’s, this electrical pressure washer does the work with exceptional grace and quality.

Features of the Powerplay PJR2000

  • Hose Pipe Storage. There is an on-board storage system for the 25 feet long hose pipe. It removes the entire hassle of carrying the hose pipe around making the movement of the pressure washer easy and swift. Electrical cord storage is also available enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Copper Stator. Powerplay PJR2000 PressureJet comes with a copper stator. The main use of this stator is to keep the pressure washer aligned in a specified direction helping maintain the water pressure of the machine.
  • TSS. TSS or Total Stop System is an exclusive feature enhancing the safety of the pressure washer. It instantaneously stops with a simple tap on the on/off switch. This feature is highly recommended if you have small children at your home. Tackling emergencies become tremendousl easy with this safety feature.

Advantages of the Powerplay PJR2000

  • Less Start-up/ Processing Time. This residential pressure washer takes less than 30 seconds to efficiently start and warm up for the heavy-duty cleaning job. This saves time and electricity elevating the efficiency of the machine.
  • Superior Performance. The performance of this electric pressure washer is simply outstanding. With so much thrust, it can clean the most rigid stains on your car or floor without bringing any sort of harm to the surface.
  • Warranty. It comes with a 1 year limited warranty.If your pressure washer faces any type of glitches within 1 year of the date of purchase, you can get it rectified at no cost.
  • Less Start-up/ Processing Time. The durability factor of this electric pressure washer is immensely high. Best quality plastic and superbly integrated structure make it long lasting.

Things to Be Aware of

If not used properly, leakage can occur in the hose pipe or the wand. It is advisable to use this residential pressure washer properly to increase its life and performance. A little maintenance is always required to keep its performance optimized.

Bottom Line

If one talks about excellent performance and durability, Powerplay PJR2000 PressureJet is one of the best pressure washers in the market. Price is on the higher end is because of the quality of the individual parts which help this pressure washer last for the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) What are the dimensions of this product?

A.1) Product dimensions are 14 x 15 x 35.5 inches; 27.9 pounds.

Q.2) Can it be used for heavy-duty commercial cleaning tasks?

A.2) No, it cannot be used for heavy duty commercial cleaning jobs. It is meant for light to medium duty residential cleaning tasks should be restricted to them.

Q.3) Is it available in all the states of US?

A.3) Yes, it is available in all the states of the USA. Available on Amazon at a discounted price.

Q.4) Can it be shipped to international countries as well?

A.4) Yes, it can be shipped to a few international countries. Here is the list.

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