General Pump Telescoping Pressure Washer Wand

If you have ever tried to use a pressure washer to clean a house using a ladder then you will know how awkward , tiring and just downright dangerous it is then you will understand how useful an accessory like this can really help you out.That’s why I’m writing a review today as I believe this to be one of the most helpful items out there.

Maybe you tried to clean your 2 story home or perhaps your thinking about washing something that’s just that little bit out of reach.

That’s when you need a wand extension.As much as an extension makes cleaning quicker the main reason for using one is for safety.Thousands of people every year fall off ladders causing life long injuries so anything to reduce this is great idea.You can read Here for more information about ladder related injuries.

This particular model goes from just over 6 feet to 18 feet long so it can be used for a lot of different applications from a cleaning a high dirty wall that is just slightly out of reach or right up to the gutters on your second story home.Also,there is a 6 feet to 24 foot long version available for those really hard to reach jobs.

As soon as you pick it up in your hands you can feel the quality even though its made from a lightweight aluminium.It is able to take a max psi of 4000 with either hot or cold water.

It is very important of course to make sure it will fit what ever machine you have.This extension will connect to any 3/8 hose coming from a pressure washer that will connect to the spray gun that is going to be in your hand as you can see in the picture.

And you have two choices in connection it to your washer of which both are included in the pack.

One of the adapters has a 3/8 male thread and then a M 22 male threaded end or you could use the 3/8 male thread and a 3/8 female quick connect to get the high pressure hose from your pressure washer to the extension.

On the other end of the extension you can connect any of the color coded tips you will probably already have in your collection.You can play around with which ever one suits you best.

Something I recommend is the extra gutter cleaner you can get.It doesn’t cost much extra ,can be used for other applications and its curved in such a way to get the water into the gutters and dislodge any crud that’s built up over time.

Now something I should add is this extension will be useless on those $50 pressure washers some people buy. There is two reasons for this.

  • The water going into this extensions needs to be at least 2500 PSI to be strong enough to travel up and remove any dirt and grime
  • And most likely the hose from those pressure washers won’t even fit on to the connection to this gun.

Most people would agree this is a really useful tool to have but some people have mentioned that the further away from your body you use the extension the harder it is to control it. An example is when its extended to its full length.

For this problem I recommend that you squeeze the trigger on the ground and work your way up the wall .Always start from the top of coursed clean down to avoid streaking.

As you can see from the video here,if used correctly its really simple to use…… Even one handed.

The other way to help you is to get the extra back belt.

However, I don’t recommend this,the back belt comes with quite a few unhappy reviews and while in principal seems useful the reality is that it causes more problems than it fixes.

But the easiest way to use it is to always hold it with a wide ,strong stance with your right hand far behind the trigger ( Depending if your right or left handed ) and your left arm up as far as you can put it. Basically you are trying to get as much of the extension between your hands as possible.

Over all ,using this this still takes time.Its not a complete miracle in time saving but it is still much faster than climbing a ladder ,washing the top , climbing back down again and moving the ladder and then finally climbing the ladder back up again to start all over again.

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