Blue Clean AR390SS Review

The Blue Clean AR390SS is a machine that is designed to provide users with durability that cannot be matched to any other similar device. The machine operates with much power and is exceptionally easy to use.

This pressure washer maintains the basic principles orchestrated by the initial Blue Clean washers. However, the body of the machine is completely redesigned with larger cord storage as well as a gun holster. With the new design, users can notice differences instantly with the initial design. This model is designed to last and can as well withstand the vigorous demands that necessitate frequent use.

Blue Clean AR390SS

The Blue Clean AR390SS cold water electric pressure washer feature a functioning hose reel that allows for easy retraction and storage of the hose. It provides additional on board storage for the additional accessories that you may need to have at hand.

Features of the Blue Clean AR390SS

  • Functioning Hose Reel. The pressure washer has a functioning hose reel that allows users to utilize as much hose as they can. With this feature, you can reach all the parts of a surface for effective cleaning. The hose reel works in a similar manner to that used in a fire extinguisher and does provide an adequate supply of water for effective cleaning. The hose reel on this machine is large and built in a more rigid manner to provide adequate support for the extra force of water.
  • On-Board Storage. The on-board storage is useful since it keeps the accessories secure and safe against misplacement. You can use each of the features of the pressure washer without worrying about them getting lost due to the power of the on-board storage capability.
  • Upgraded Pro-Style Gun, Hose and Lance. With these features, users get to enjoy exclusive functionality when cleaning different surfaces. Users can also clean the hard to reach surfaces without much struggling due to the improved efficiency of these features. The performance of the upgraded pro-style gun, hose, and lance affects the general performance of the pressure washer.

Advantages of the Blue Clean AR390SS

  • Perfect for DIY Projects. Users can power wash old wooden fences and other surfaces that need polishing before applying a stain on it. With the improved functionality, you will use less time and the pressure washer will complete the work perfectly as expected.
  • Works Like Some Gas Models. You can use it to detail cars at home, pre wash your car before using a rinse less wash method, or even cleaning the floor in the garage.
  • Designed for a Longer Life-Span. The design of the pressure washer is designed to enhance a longer operational life. For instance, whenever one releases the trigger, the electric pump often stops, helping the life of the unit.

Things to Be Aware of

Customers have complained about the stiffness of the cord of the AR390SS. Most users prefer using a more flexible hose on their pressure washers.

Bottom Line

The Blue Clean AR390SS is the best bet if you are looking for a machine that will do almost everything you want to get done around the home.

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