Blue Clean AR383SS Review

Stature of being the best electric pressure washer does not come easily. Immense power, high durability and easy management are some features of AR Blue Clean AR383SS 1900 PSI Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer that makes it one of the best. With a light weight of 32 pounds, it can throw 1.4 GPM (Gallon per mile) of water with an enormous pressure of 1900 PSI (Pounds per square inch). Pressure of water at such high velocity is capable enough to remove the toughest stains from almost all the substances in an effortless manner.

AR Blue Clean AR383SS 1900 PSI Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer has been crafted out of aluminium and best quality plastic. For exceptionally tough jobs, Turbo Nozzle can be attached which increases the overall pressure by 50%. The additional feature of hose reel for easy storage of related equipment is a tremendous advantage over all other electric pressure washers.

AR Blue Clean AR383SS

AR Blue Clean AR383SS works wonders for light to heavy range cleaning tasks. The exerted pressure, unmatchable durability and lightweight makes it one of the best electric pressure washer online.

Features of the AR Blue Clean AR383SS

  • Average Flow Rate of 1.4 GPM. 120V/60Hr 13Amps Copper Universal Motor is responsible for such an incredible flow. It efficiently cleans the surface without any efforts.
  • Exclusive on-board Storage. This exclusively feature is capable of carrying accessories that might be needed while cleaning decks, compartments, trailers, tiles etc. 
  • On/Off Dial. With a delicate tape, this electric pressure washer can be switched on or off. This enhances the functioning of the equipment.
  • On-board Detergent Tank. This feature sets the sail for exceptional yet easy cleaning. Use of soap with water makes it hard for the toughest stains to reside on the surfaces.

Advantages of the AR Blue Clean AR383SS

  • Lightweight . Merely 32 pounds in weight, this electric pressure washer is easy to handle, Eminently swift in action, its lightweight is the biggest factor for great positioning and uniform cleaning.
  • Suited for all levels of cleaning. This washer is perfect for all the surfaces irrespective of the degree of stains they carry.  Light cleaning can be done with a sprayer whereas Turbo Nozzle is available for heavy cleaning of irremovable dirt.
  • Warranty. This electric washer comes with an exclusive 1 year bumper to bumper warranty. If you face any glitches under one yea of use of this product, you can avail the warranty for the same.

Things to Be Aware of

Nothing as of now. Maintain it well to keep it in good condition.

Bottom Line

Suggested by the industry experts, AR Blue Clean AR383SS is one of the best pressure washers available online at a reasonable price. Long lastingness and quality cleaning are its primary strengths.

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