Blue Clean AR383 Review

Blue Clean AR383

The Blue Clean AR383 is a cold water electric pressure washer. The machine is constructed of copper, plastic, and aluminium. The pressure washer comes with an accessory kit that is complete with an adjustable jet nozzle, gun, lance with foam dispenser, and a high-pressure hose. Its design looks similar to a two-wheel trolley that is mounted with a hose reel and a handle. It is powered by a universal electric motor that operates at 120 volts, 60 HZ, 11 Amps.

The product comes with a one year warranty against any defects in the material and workmanship. The warranty covers all the other accessories that come with the pressure washer including high – pressure hose and spray gun among others. Users must however note that the warranty for this product is not transferrable or assignable. Users must maintain reasonable care when using this pressure washer with regard to the maintenance and operation instructions available in the user manual.

Features of the Blue Clean AR383

The Blue Clean AR383 has a number of features that make it a good choice. It features an adjustable fan spray that allows for a 60 degree spraying span. It also features your power packed turbo nozzle along with a hose reel with hand crank for easy storage among more.

  • Ajdustable Fan Spray. This is a characteristic of almost all Blue Clean Pressure Washers. This feature allows the tip of the nozzle to change from being a pencil point to a 60 degree wide spray. With this feature, you can control the width of the spray based on the cleaning project requirements.
  • Power Packed Turbo Nozzle. The Turbo nozzle has a zero degree rotating high pressure spray. With such a nozzle tip, users can remove any unwanted materials from the hard surfaces. However, the Turbo is considered too powerful for wood and should best be used on rocks, concrete, pavers, car wheels, patio bricks, and lawn mower decks among other hard surfaces.
  • Hose Reel with a Hand Crank. The hand crack is helpful in keeping the hose out of the way when the pressure washer is in use.
  • 1,900 PSI, 1.5 GPM, Axial-Piston Pump . This feature is behind the high operating power of the machine. The piston pump is so effective and emits high pressure to eliminate any kind of dirt that is not required on a surface.

Advantages of the Blue Clean AR383

  • Brand Excellence. Annovi-Reverberi, an Italian manufacturer responsible for the production of this pressure washer is known worldwide for quality products that have precision engineering.
  • Customer Service. Even though the machine is manufactured by one of the best companies in the world, it is not immune to occasional faults. The company provides the best customer relations services to product buyers, and you don’t have to worry much when you have questions or problems concerning your product.
  • Lightweight. You can move it at home with much ease. Its weight also makes the cleaning process much easier since you don’t have to pull along a heavy unit when cleaning.

Things to Be Aware of

One disadvantage with the Blue Clean AR383 is that the plastic hose adapter at times leaks water at the middle where the two washers meet.

Bottom Line

Despite the small disadvantages, the Blue Clean AR383 is certainly a good buy especially for those looking for a product from a suitable company.

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