Blue Clean AR118S Review

Electric pressure washers have always been in a great demand in the USA. They are perfect for residential cleaning purposes, affordable in price and user-friendly. AR Blue Clean AR118S is a small electric pressure washer that caters to all the demand of the users when it comes to residential cleaning. Merely 17.1 pounds in weight, it is one of the most affordable electric pressure washers available online. You can avail iton a discounted price of $68 on Amazon.

This small electric pressure washer propels water at an enormous pressure of 1400 PSI (pressure per square inch). Its exclusivity is in its TTS feature. TTS or Total Stop System turns the washer on only when the spray gun trigger is pressed and automatically turns the motor off to protect the pump from overheating. Along with saving power, it increases the safety of the user. The hose pipe, trigger and wand can be easily stored on this electric pressure washer minimizing the storage hassle. The electrical cord is 35 feet long with the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) feature for utmost safety.

AR Blue Clean AR118S

AR Blue Clean AR118S is a lightweight residential pressure washer with amazing safety and performance oriented features. Its affordability is one of the major reasons for hundreds of positive pressure washer reviews on the web. Small in size and high in efficiency, it can take care of all the light to medium duty residential cleaning jobs. The best part about this pressure washer is that it is easily movable and can be carried in the hands as well.

Features of the AR Blue Clean AR118S

  • TTS. The highly beneficial feature is supported by a limited number of pressure washers in the market. It automatically turns off the motor preventing it from overheating hence improving its performance as well as durability.
  • Safety Lock. The safety lock does not allow the pressure washer to start or run in any case. This safety feature is highly recommended if you have naughty kids at home who try to play with all the electronic gadgets in your home.
  • Electrical Cord With GFCI. GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter shuts off the pressure washer if it experiences the flow of current from any unintended or unknown sources. This is a commendable safety feature for any electronic gadget.
  • On-board Accessory Storage. This cheap electrical pressure washer comes with an onboard storage feature for keeping the hose pipe, trigger gun and nozzle at one place to remove ll the hassles related to carrying the individual parts of the pressure washer.

Advantages of the AR Blue Clean AR118S

  • Affordability. It is the most economical electric pressure washer on Amazon. There is no other pressure at such a low price that performs this amazingly. No compromise has been done with the quality of material used for fabricating the pressure washer.
  • Lightweight. Who can expect a residential pressure washer to weigh just a little over 17 pounds? This weighs 17.1 pounds to be exact making the cleaning process easier and user-friendly.
  • Easy Maneuverability. Its lightweight is one of the biggest factors for its easy movability. It can be carried in a single. The design of the pressure washer is such that the user feels no problem in carrying it around.
  • Warranty. This pressure washer comes with a 1 year limited warranty. Each and every problem within 1 year of the purchase would be solved at no cost.

Things to Be Aware of

Overuse of this cheap pressure washer can lead to its permanent damage. Improper usage and overheating can be disastrous to the performance of AR Blue Clean AR118S. Regular maintenance is required for the utmost performance of the pressure washer.

Bottom Line

AR Blue Clean AR118S is a good choice for light duty residential cleaning purposes. Exceptionally affordable in nature, it performs satisfactory cleaning and consumes less power than most electric pressure washers. If your budget is low, there is nothing better than AR Blue Clean AR118S electric pressure washer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) What are the exact dimension of this item?

A.1) The exact dimensions of this pressure washer are 18.5 x 9.5 x 12.8 inches; 17.1 pounds.

Q.2) Where can I avail it for the most economical price?

A.2) Visit Amazon for the best price of this product.

Q.3) Can it be used for commercial cleaning purposes?

A.3) NOT AT ALL. Please use this pressure washer only for light duty residential cleaning tasks.

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