Blue Clean AR112 Review

When it comes to affordable electric pressure washers, AR Blue Clean AR112 resides on the top of the list. It is one of the most efficient electric pressure washers available at just $106 on Amazon. This pressure washer has been crafted out of the best quality industrial plastic. It is its durability and lightweight that makes it one of the best pressure washers in the market. It is perfect for low to medium duty residential cleaning tasks.

AR Blue Clean AR112 propels 1.58 GPM (gallons per mile) of water at 1600 PSI (pressure per square inch) which is great for residential cleaning purposes. It comes with a 30-Foot power cord and 20-Foot hose to extend the cleaning effortlessly. The hose pipe can be easily stored on the onboard storage which is an exclusive feature of this electric pressure washer. It comes withthean onboard detergent tank to spray the soap water for intensive cleaning. Detergent injector kit is used for easy switching from detergent mod to high-pressure water sprayer mode.

AR Blue Clean AR112

AR Blue Clean AR112 comes with a fully adjustable spray head to change the water pressure while the cleaning operation. This affordable and lightweight residential pressure washer is getting renowned on Amazon for its positive pressure washer reviews. This compact design delivers enormous pressure thus optimizing the cleaning performance. It runs on a long-lasting superb quality induction motor which keeps it life long and performance optimized. This pressure washer comes with an automatic safety valve that turns off the machine in case of any emergency. This is highly recommended if you are an amateur user.

Features of the AR Blue Clean AR112

  • Automatic Safety Valve. The automatic safety valve shuts off the pressure washer in case of any major glitches. This not only enhances the safety of the user but also reduces the power consumption.
  • Long Hose Pipe. The hose pipe that comes with this pressure washer is about 20 feet long for easy and effortless cleaning. The electrical cord is about the same length increasing the maneuverability of the pressure washer.
  • Enormous Pressure. Water thrown by the hose pipe comes out at enormous pressures. It is deal for tough residential cleaning jobs. It increases the efficiency and performance of the pressure washer helping it clean even the toughest stains.
  • Design. The overall design of this electric pressure washer is exceptionally good. It is light, handy and can be carried very easily.

Advantages of the AR Blue Clean AR112

  • High Efficiency. It has got all the features that every residential pressure washer should definitely exhibit. It can clean for extended hours without any signs of slowing down. Its cleaning is efficient and cleans the problematic areas smoothly. 
  • Lightweight. The lightweight of this residential pressure washer keeps the movement hassle away. One can easily use, move and carry this pressure washer. No compromise has been done with the quality of the material used for the lightweight of the pressure washer.
  • Durability. Supreme quality of the pressure washer is solely responsible for its long-lastingness. It is bound to last for decades in your house if you just use it for light to medium duty cleaning tasks.

Things to Be Aware of

AR Blue Clean AR112 is a residential pressure washer. Using it for heavy duty commercial cleaning tasks can lead to its deterioration over the time. Use it for light cleaning tasks and always give it rest if the cleaning process is really long.

Bottom Line

This electric pressure washer is affordable, performance-oriented and durable if used properly. Low maintenance and rough usage will lead to its breakdown in a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Which is the best place to buy this pressure washer?

A.1) On Amazon, it is available at a heavily discounted price.

Q.2) Is it available for international shipping as well?

A.2) Yes, it can be shipped to few selected countries. Click here to get access to the list.

Q.3) Will that amount of pressure remove the paint of my car as well?

A.3) Not at all. I clean all of my cars with this pressure washer without any problems.

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