The 10 Best Pressure Washers Under $100 Reviews 2021

Do you want to know the secret to choosing a good power washer? We’ll cover that and more in our reviews of the best pressure washers under $100. It’s definitely possible to get good value even when a tool is this cheap.

The flow rate is the key to finding the most powerful pressure washer for the money. That’s how much water it consumes per minute. Many shoppers think that they should only look at the PSI. But in reality, you’ll need to multiply the PSI by the flow rate. The result is something called “cleaning units”.

Once you know the cleaning units of a power washer, you can match the tool to the job you need to do. The higher this number is, the more powerful the tool and the faster it cleans.

To be fair, you’ll still need to consider PSI. That’s because too much pressure can damage the surface. For example, 3000 PSI is great for cleaning concrete. But a wooden deck only needs 1500 PSI, and 700 PSI is suitable for washing a car.

How to extend the lifetime of an inexpensive pressure washer?

There are two things you can do to protect a power washer from damage. The first is not run it in bypass mode for long periods. Bypass mode is when the pump is working, but you don’t pull the trigger to release the pressure.

Next, don’t let water freeze in the pump. Be sure to drain and let it dry completely before you store it.

Most likely, the manufacturer has other recommendations for you as well. Take the time to read the manual. It may end up saving you a lot of trouble in the future.

Top Pressure Washers Under $100

Now, let’s move on to reviews of the top pressure washers under $100. We hand-picked the best ones to save you time while you shop.

Greenworks 1500 PSI 1.2 GPM Pressure Washer GPW1501

The Greenworks GPW1501 pressure washer offers 1800 cleaning units of power. That’s enough to clean your deck, your car tires, or the siding on your house.

It comes with a 35-foot power cord with built-in GFCI protection. That’s essential as you’ll be using an electrical power tool with water. Plus, it’s handy because not everyone has an exterior outlet with GFCI.

In case you’re wondering what GFCI does, we’ll explain. Imagine that you are using a pressure washer to clean your driveway. The tool is wet and you’re standing on the wet ground.

If there were a problem with the wiring, the electrical current could travel through you to the ground instead of through the wiring.

You would get a possibly fatal shock. But GFCI senses the variation in the current of electricity and immediately cuts it off to protect you.

Now let’s continue with other benefits of this tool. It comes with a soap applicator and detergent bottle, 20-foot long water hose, and two quick connect tips. One is 40° for delicate surfaces and the other is 25° for general cleaning. Plus, the washer is backed by a warranty from Greenworks.

Sun Joe SPX1500 Pressure Joe 1740 PSI 1.59 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

The Sun Joe SPX1500 is popular with homeowners because it’s very powerful but still inexpensive. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty and it’s CSA-approved for safety.

This pressure washer offers 2766 cleaning units, enough to clean concrete. But it also lets you lower the pressure to tackle other tasks like washing the car or your RV.

It comes with a 20-foot water hose, a 33-inch wand, plus a 35-foot power cord with GFCI protection. The wand has an adjustable nozzle.

Furthermore, the trigger has a safety lock and another interesting feature. The trigger lock incorporates a technology that extends the lifetime of the pump by turning it off when not in use.

Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 PSI 1.45 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

The Sun Joe SPX1000 is a little less powerful than the SPX1500. But it still puts out 2102 cleaning units for scrubbing barbecues, siding, boats, and ATVs. And other than the reduction in power, it’s similar to the other Sun Joe model.

It has a 35-foot power cord, a 33-inch wand, and a trigger with safety lock. Additionally, the nozzle adjusts between 0 to 45-degrees, or intense to gentle spray.

Then, extend the capability of the Sun Joe power washer with accessories. You can also purchase a 25-foot water hose extension, a rotary brush kit, a foamer cannon, and a 5.5-foot extension wand.

Sun Joe SPX200E 1350 PSI 1.45 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

If you only need to perform light to medium-duty jobs like window cleaning and washing the car, try the SPX200E from Sun Joe. It has 1957 cleaning units of power. And it’s compact and ultralight for maximum portability. It weighs under ten pounds.

The accessories include a 35-foot cord with GFCI protection, a 20-foot water hose, and a twist nozzle on the wand. Of course, you’ll also have the trigger safety lock with the Total Stop System. This turns off the pump when you release the trigger. This saves electricity and prolongs the pump’s lifetime.

Goplus Electric High-Pressure Washer 2030PSI 1.6GPM

The Goplus pressure washer is suitable for taking care of decks, vehicles, patios, and even concrete driveways. That’s because it’s rated for 3248 cleaning units.

It weighs sixteen pounds but comes with caster wheels for mobility. Also, the water hose stores on a convenient reel.

TACKLIFE Pressure Washer, High Efficiency 1600 PSI 1.72 GPM 1400W

TACKLIFE’s inexpensive multitool competes with Dremel. Now they’ve released a pressure washer to battle other big brands, too. Their washer has 2752 cleaning units, plenty to clean a variety of jobs. The spray wand adjusts to make sure you can match the power to the task. And it comes with a detergent tank similar to the one from Greenworks.

There are more similarities between this power washer and the ones made by Sun Joe. For example, it has a trigger lock safety switch that shuts off the pump when the trigger isn’t pressed. Also, it comes with a 35-foot cord that has GFCI protection. Of course, there is a 20-foot pressure hose.

But there are details that make this tool stand out. For example, it includes an extra gasket and washers in case of leaks. Next, it has three spray wands with 360-degree adjustments. Finally, it has a 24-month warranty.

Karcher K2 Universal 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer (Certified Refurbished)

The Karcher K2 Universal pressure washer isn’t usually available for under a hundred dollars unless it’s used or refurbished. In this case, this one is certified refurbished by the factory. It offers 2000 cleaning units of power for an assortment of tasks.

The accessories include two wands with telescopic handles and a 20-foot hose. One of the wands is the Dirtblaster for tough jobs.

Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer, 1600 PSI, 1.25 GPM

There’s also a chance that you’ll find the Karcher K2 Plus at a discount online. It has a durable N-COR pump that resists corrosion and will never need maintenance from you.

Then, besides the 20-foot hose and 35-foot power cord with GFCI, it also has a detergent siphon hose.

Next, there are two spray wands. One is the Dirtblaster and the other has adjustable spray. The body of the washer weighs less than 17 pounds.

And should there ever be a problem, there is a two-year warranty with the offer of a free replacement should you need to send in the model for repairs.

Ryobi 1,600-PSI 1.2-GPM Electric Pressure Washer (Model RY141612)

Ryobi’s electric pressure washer is compact and lightweight to bring along to campouts and when you go boating. It cleans grills, RVs, outdoor furniture, mountain bikes, and more.

Instead of an adjustable nozzle, this tool comes with three separate nozzles that snap on and off easily.

Worx WG629.9 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah 320 PSI Cordless Portable Power Cleaner (Tool Only)

Although the Worx Hydroshot complete package isn’t always available for under a hundred dollars, the bare tool itself often is. So if you already have Worx 20V batteries on hand, you can save the extra cost.

Since this is a cordless pressure washer, it’s nowhere near as powerful as gas-powered or electric corded ones. On the other hand, it amplifies the pressure from a garden hose to something usable for cleaning siding and other surfaces.

Once you attach the Hydroshot to your hose and turn it on, it gives the spray up to five times more power.

Swap between the short and long lances and adjust the nozzle between zero and 40°, or shower mode. But this tool won’t tie up your garden hose the whole time. A flip of the switch lets you go back to normal watering.

Tips for efficient pressure washing

If you’re new to using a pressure washer, here are some tips to make the job easier.

To begin, use detergent. You won’t always need it, but it speeds up the work when you’re cleaning grease off concrete or mold off siding.

Next, use less power when cleaning painted surfaces or wood. And look ahead of time for vulnerable spots like windows and danger spots like gravel. Hitting gravel with a strong spray can send it flying up to break glass or scratch paint.

Pro washers recommend covering plants that you want to protect if you’re using detergent. Cover them, or at least wet them first so the chemicals are diluted.

Finally, some stains just won’t disappear. Don’t stress too much over rust and acorn spots. But if your concrete has been sealed in your driveway, you should be able to remove grease marks.


We hope our reviews today helped you find the best pressure washer for under a hundred dollars. Check back soon to learn more about the most efficient cleaning products for your home.

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