The 12 Best Pressure Washer Pump Reviews for 2021

Using a top-rated pressure washer will make a variety of cleaning tasks a lot easier. Even on tough dirt, it can be a lifesaver! However, the latter will not be the case when the pump fails. With this, if you need to buy a new water pump, read on and learn from our recommendations.

A lot of people may not realize it, but pressure water pumps have a finite life. There will come a time that they will malfunction and call for a replacement. Otherwise, you will be compromising the power and performance of the pressure washer.

As you try to look for the best alternative, make sure to consider the technical details, including the pressure and a flow rate of the pump. There are also three types available – wobble, triplex, and axial cam pump, each with their respective pros and cons.

Best Pressure Washer Pumps 2021 Reviews

No idea about what replacement pump will work best for your pressure washer? Our team researched some of the possibilities, and below, we will have a rundown of our top recommendations, as well as their best features.

1. Himore 309515003 Pressure Washer Horizontal Pump

This is one pump that will work with multiple brands, making this an excellent option if you are looking for versatility. Make sure to measure the diameter of the crankshaft to see if this is compatible with the model of your pressure washer.

It has a maximum pressure of 3,000 PSI, making this an excellent choice even for tough cleaning applications.

If there is one issue that you will encounter in this model, however, it would be the absence of a key that slides into the key seat. In the case of some models, this is built-in into the unit.

2. Homelite Universal Pressure Washer Pump

Looking at the technical details of this model, it has a maximum pressure of 2,800 PSI and the flow rate is 2.5 GPM.

One of the best features that you can find in this product is the pre-filled oil, which means that it is ready to be used out of the packaging. Plus, this can also help to save maintenance costs in the long run.

There is also a thermal release valve that is included, which will help in the prevention of overheating. Nonetheless, it should be noted that this release valve needs to be installed on the opposite side of the inlet fitting.

The installation of this pump is also pretty much straightforward. You just have to remove two hoses and three bolts and it is ready to be snapped in place.

This model has a 7/8-inch vertical shaft, so be sure to check the compatibility with the pressure washer that you have.

3. Annovi Reverberi RMV25G30D-EZ Plunger Horizontal Pump Package

This is made by an Italian company that is revered for its products, so there is no need to worry about its quality. It has a maximum pressure of 3,000 PSI and a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. Meanwhile, for the speed, it is up to 3,400 RPM.

For ease of installation, the package is inclusive of a matching flange. The latter makes it a breeze to have it connected to most units with ¾-inch shaft and engines that are 4 to 7 HP. There is also an easy start valve to make it user-friendly.

Another good feature that you can find in this model is the 3-piston alternating volumetric pump, which will allow easy cleaning.

In terms of construction, this can also prove o be exceptional. The body is made of die-cast aluminum alloy. The piston, on the other hand, is hardened and tempered steel.

4. Annovi Reverberi SRMW22G26-EZ-SX Triplex Plunger Pump

This is from the same manufacturer as the product that has been mentioned above, so you can expect the same impressive quality. It has a maximum pressure of 2,600 PSI, flow rate of 2.2 GPM and a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

To make it easy to use, one of the best features that you can find in this product is the Easy Start Valve. It is also a good thing that you can connect it directly to almost any type of motor, which will make the assembly a snap.

The product also comes with a built-in pressure control valve. This will allow you to easily customize the pressure of the water based on the specific cleaning task.

With the use of a keyed hollow shaft connection system, you can mount it directly on the engine shaft, provided that the diameter is 7/8-inch.

5. AR North America RMW22G24EZSX Vertical Axial Radial Pressure Washer Pump

This is another product from the same company as the maker of the two companies mentioned above, so quality is assured. Nonetheless, it is not as powerful as the other two since the maximum pressure is only 2,400 PSI and the flow rate is 2.2 GPM. Meanwhile, it spins at a speed of 3,400 RPM.

As for the construction, the water pump is equipped with two bearing systems, which will provide the support that the pump shaft needs. Meanwhile, the piston is made of hardened and tempered steel.

Take note that this is compatible only with pressure washers that have a vertical gas engine. It has a mounting flange that can be connected to a pressure washer with a 7/8-inch diameter.

6. Himore Premium Cold-Water Gasoline Pressure Washer

This is the second water pump from Himore that is mentioned in this post, but this one is slightly less powerful in terms of pressure as it only has 2,800 PSI. On the other hand, its flow rate is 2.5 GPM.

The universal fit of this product is also notable. It fits most pressure washers that are designed for small scale application. They usually have 7/8-inch shaft.

It can be installed in a snap without the need for expertise. There are clear instructions and the configuration is quite straightforward so that you can complete the assembly without the need to sweat.

7. Ryobi 308653064 Pressure Washer Pump

One of the first things that you should note about this product is the fact that it does not have a universal fit. It is designed for most Ryobi pressure washers, so check first if it is compatible to avoid wasting your money.

Many users also shared that the installation is pretty much a breeze. This is actually surprising considering the fact that the manufacturer does not provide detailed instructions on how to complete the pump’s assembly.

8. Simpson Cleaning OEM Technology 90026 Axial Cam Vertical Pump

This is a powerful replacement pump with a rated pressure of 3,000 PSI and a flow rate of 2.4 GPM. It is powerful enough to handle most cleaning tasks, especially for pressure washers for residential use.

Construction-wise, you can see a lot of impressive features in this product. For instance, there is thermal relief protection, which will prevent the system from overheating and will prolong its functional life. To add, there is also a double seal, which will prevent leaks. There is fully-anodized aluminum crankcase, which allows corrosion resistance.

There is a threaded M22 pump outlet, which will make a connection a breeze. Meanwhile, with the easy start feature, it will also be a snap to start the engine where the water pump is connected.

9. Briggs & Stratton 207365GS Pump Kit for Pressure Washers

The brand name itself can already convince you to choose this over its competitors. With the reputation that the company has made in the global market, you can be confident that the performance will be hard to match.

It also has a plug-and-play functionality, which simplifies the process of installation. It is a kit, so it is packaged with almost anything that you will need to complete the assembly, including spacers, key, and bolts.

10. Auto Express Pressure Washer Pump

This replacement pump has a maximum pressure of 2,700 PSI and a flow rate of 2.4 GPM. In terms of compatibility, it can be connected to most models with a 7/8-inch shaft and three mounting holes.

Like most of the pumps that are available in the market, this model is already inclusive of a thermal relief valve. This allows the unit to operate in a safe range, which will be instrumental in the prevention of overheating and will make it long-lasting.

As shared by most of its users, they were happy with how easy it is to mount the nuts and bolts of this pump.

11. Karcher Pressure Washer Pump

This is a complete pump replacement for most Karcher and gas powered pressure washers. To be sure of its compatibility, look at the size of the shaft and see to it that it is ¾-inch. It will directly bolt to horizontal shaft engines with rated power of up to 6.5 HP.

Many of the people who previously used this pressure washer pump praised the fact that it is already pre-filled with oil, so this minimizes the assembly time. Right out of the box, it will take about less than ten minutes before you can complete the installation.

12. Erie Tools Triplex High Pressure Washer Pump

This is a triplex pump that is compatible with high pressure washers equipped with ¾-inch shaft. To add, it has a maximum pressure of 3,000 PSI and the flow rate is 3.1 GPM.

For the construction, you won’t end up being disappointed. You can expect that this will be a long-lasting water pump. One of the reasons for the latter is the use of die-cast aluminum in its crankcase. The plunger, on the other hand, is ceramic-coated to resist wear and tear.

You will also be happy with the ball and needle bearing, which is beneficial in terms of distributing the load evenly.

The plunger seals of the pump are also exceptional. They are equipped with duplex packing. With their construction, you can expect that there will be no problem with water leaks.

Wrap Up

If your pressure washer is no longer demonstrating the performance or high pressure that you expect, this does not necessarily mean that you will need to buy a new one. In some instances, a replacement pump will be more than enough to save it!

Make sure that your pressure washer is in its tip-top shape and the performance is never compromised. When it is time to replace the water pump, keep an eye on the products that we have mentioned above, and for sure, you will not have regrets.

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