Best Portable Pressure Washer 2021 Reviews

The manufacturers of pressure washers are clearly in the competition with each other.

So, they’re on competing on providing the stronger to most robust models even of their products.

That’s why many models of pressure washers avoid some fact that their users prefer.

For example, many people like to buy a compact, smaller type of pressure washer because of their simple cleaning tasks.

Fortunately, some brands are out there realized the need of their customers, and they provide some portable and handy pressure washer.

That’s because we have researched a lot to extract the best ones to eliminate your searching effort. Well, let’s know what you’re getting to choose from.

Top 5 Best Portable Pressure Washer

1. Kärcher K2 Compact Portable Pressure Washer

When you’re seeking for portable, handy, small, and powerful pressure washer, your searches end here.

That’s because this model of pressure washer of the K2 by the famous Kärcher brand has everything that you need.

The device has a water pressure of 110bar that can give you an excellent output of 360 liters of water per hour.

For this type of small portable pressure washer, this is an immersive power to deal with most dirt.

You might be thinking that a lower pressure washer would good to perform lighter cleaning tasks. But, the theory doesn’t go with this model of Kärcher.

Instead, it’s effortful to deal with the toughest dirt of small to medium areas.

A 4m long cord comes with this electrically powered machine, which is good to reach even if there are higher spots.

So, this little guy contains enough power to accomplish your dirt cleaning tasks as faster as effectively.

The device is suitable to handle dirt such as porch, car, patio, siding, muck buildup, and willful moss.

The most excellent thing about it is the weight because it’s incredibly lightweight (approx. 3.7 kg) to use.

That means you’ll never feel tired while working until you get done the entire cleaning task.

Because of its smaller design and perfect formation, it’ll take a little space in your shed or garage.

For the same reason, it’s straightforward to move around and carry on.

The trigger gun of the device comes with a lance of one-way and a lance for dirt blasting. These features deliver fantastic cleaning performance.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Small, but powerful
  • Useful suction tube
  • Effortless to store


  • Not perfect for heavy cleaning tasks

2. Bosch Fontus Cordless Portable Pressure Washer Cleaner

This is another powerful, compact, and portable model of a pressure washer. It comes from a renowned production house of Bosch with enough cleaning strength to deal with small to medium dirt cleaning tasks.

With a pressure of 15bar, the model is quick to assemble, and its easy maneuverability makes the faster outputs.

Unlike some other ordinary or traditional pressure washers, you can use it ideally for your home or outdoor because of its 15-liter large capacity water tank.

Along with an 18V long-lasting battery power, you can enjoy its four spray settings and flexible pressure modes.

Most likely, a mini jet when you need to clean hard to remove dirt, its 15-degree and 50-degree fan jets offer precise cleaning for small surfaces and large areas.

Also, it has a shower jet that’s suitable for low-speed, gentle cleaning tasks. The attachment of the SmartBrush helps rinse bike wheels and windows.

Thanks to its gun holder and accessory storage, they make the dirt cleaning effort more convenient.

The battery comes with the cleaner is suitable for use with all other Bosch tools for garden and home cleaning ranging from 18V.

The device is simple to transport because of its extendable gripping system. It has a 15-liter tank to hold enough water that can clean about three muddy bikes simultaneously.

When you unbox the pack, you’ll find this device with a battery, charger, cardboard box, spray attachment, and some other things we have already stated above.

Overall, all practical features and the high performance of this pressure washer are highly recommended to purchase.


  • Portable compact design
  • Large tank capacity
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not enough durable

3. WORX Hydroshot WG630E.1 Cordless Portable Pressure Washer

If you want to redefine the dirt removing way, the Hydroshot WG630E.1 by WORX is the perfect piece of pressure washer for you.

The model is unique, and it doesn’t require a large body to showoff. It just comes with a garden hose and a mains connector, and it runs on the battery to get water from all water sources.

Because of its portable and compact design, it’s suitable for different types of use around your home and outdoor.

The areas of using the device include cleaning your bikes, windows, decks, cars, and many more.

The tool allows you to switch from pulsating to a mist sprayer because of its rotating head.

As a result, it’s well fit to remove stubborn dirt. You can attach one liter of soda using its soda bottle to the device that helps you to draw water like a source of water.

As its name suggests, this pressure washer is extremely portable.

Moreover, it has a long-lasting 18V battery with longer runtime that ensures higher performance.

The cells are interchangeable means you can use them with any other garden and home cleaning tools from the WORX brand.

Also, the lightweight and compact design are easy to work outdoor and wherever you need to perform cleaning tasks.

Apart from great portability, innovative hydro soft technology delivers ten times more strength than ordinary pressure cleaners.

Among other handy features, the significant one is its multipurpose nozzle that provides enough versatility to do different types of cleaning tasks.


  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Lightweight design
  • Multipurpose nozzle
  • Interchangeable battery


  • Low pressure

4. Greenworks GDC40 40V Cordless Portable Pressure Washer

No matter you want to clean your muddy bike or greasy grill, the GDC40 is all set to deliver you the optimal output.

That’s because the device is not just versatile; it’s also handy and functional to use.

Equipped with a big 20-liter water tank, the model is good enough to clean most things available in the outdoor area.

This practical water enables you to get an appropriate cleaning effort even if it’s out of a water source.

Thus, it helps you to be independent when you need to clean the garden, bike barn, and jetty.

Along with the feature of portability, it’s healthy to deal with most types of stubborn dirt.

A 40V long-lasting battery provides more runtime than many other premium models gives you the best results with clear ethics.

Because of battery-powered operation, it saves the environment without any emission of dangerous fumes.

Also, it has lower or no disturbing noise and vibrations that help you avoid bothering neighbors and your own.

This battery-powered pressure washer has a hose with 6m length allows you to clean more important stuff fantastically.

The length of the hose gives you the freedom of comfort and movement, which is excellent to use while doing off-site tasks.

These practical features of the Greenworks GDC40 come with a wallet-friendly price.

For many reasons, you need to clean your outdoor or outdoor stuff, and the power outlets are not always available all the time.

So, you’ll not feel this issue anymore if you use this portable, cordless, battery-powered pressure washer.


  • User-friendly
  • Powerful DC motor
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • One battery fits all.


  • Less runtime

5. Kärcher OC3 Cordless Portable Cleaner

You might be a camper, dog lover, mountain biker, and just love to spending time outdoors.

In any case, the Kärcher OC3 delivers you clean off dirt and mud from all possible stuff. It ensures your dirt-free environment that you always look for.

With a pressure of 5bar and a 4-liter water tank, it’s so portable that you can store it in your most convenient place like a caravan and car boot.

Also, this bar pressure works fantastic for rinsing off the bike, willies, pet, and pushchair after enjoying a day with mud.

Because of its lower pressure, you can get the benefits of cleaning gently and effectively.

Apart from convenient storage, the model has a trigger gun that remains under its water tank. That’s why the device is extremely user-friendly and easy to move around.

It has a level indicator to identify when the tank fills at its highest level. Besides, it shows through the flashing light while charging and running out of lower charge.

The weight of the unit is extremely light that has enabled it to go anywhere you need to perform cleaning tasks.

Thus, while working until you get done the entire cleaning tasks, you’ll never feel tired. Moreover, it’ll take a little space in your shed or garage because of its smaller design and perfect formation.

Overall, we highly suggest this model for its all useful features and better performance.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Great gentle pressure
  • Compact Design
  • Indicator for water level & battery


  • Not suitable for heavy cleaning tasks

Buying Guide For The Portable Pressure Washer

Let’s know some deciding factors and features to choose the perfect one for your individual needs.


Having attachments with a portable pressure washer is good to make your cleaning tasks more manageable.

For example, the pressure washer should have a soap container when you like to get a detailed cleaning.

It’s an excellent solution for fragile and dirty surfaces such as glasses. Among other attachments, you should get the extendable hose, cleaning brushes, different nozzles, and some add-ons.

Power Source

Try to understand why you should buy a portable pressure washer previously rather than the handiness of the item.

Would you need to connect the thing to power outlets to get off the water connection?

Do you want it the cordless model with a battery or it should be electric? Before you decide to buy a model, think a lot.


Nobody wants to buy a pressure washer for a single season of use or two. As you like it to be durable for years to come, you should know about the durability of the device you’re going to buy.

You need to know that smaller, compact, lightweight pressure washers are not as durable as the bulkier and bigger ones are.

So, if affordability and portability are your prime choices, you can buy any of our reviewed models.


Weight is always a significant factor when you lure of getting a pressure washer extremely user-friendly.

A less bulky model is easy to move around and work with than those that are heavier.

That’s because a bulky item is tough to use for a long time, and you may leave your cleaning tasks at the midway.

And if portability is the deciding point for you, then lightweight models are the simple solution.

FAQs Section

What Type Of Cleaning Detergent Should Be Used With A Pressure Washer?

You’ll get cleaning detergent from most brands of pressure washer manufacturers.

Those are best to use with their brands of pressure washers. But, many other cleaning detergents are out there in the market to buy separately.

Which One Is Better Among Wheel & Without Wheel?

We have enlisted all of the smaller, lightweight, and compact pressure washers that are easy to move around and transport. But, it’s always good to have wheels with your pressure washer for more convenient use.

Is A Pressure Of 1500 Square Per Inch Good To Take Out Dirt Of A Deck?

Yes, a 1500PSI is good enough to deal with the dirt of your deck. Even this pressure can leave marks and damage softwood.

What The Distance Should Be From The Surface I Grasp the Nozzle?

It varies depending on the type of surfaces. If you hold the nozzle closer to the surface, it’ll have a more massive impact on it. Also, it depends on your machine’s GPM and PSI.


Buying a portable pressure washer is always handy to use with lots of other benefits. You also know about some practical and popular models that we have reviewed above. So, it’s your time to take action on them by choosing your favorite one.

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