Best Commercial Pressure Washer Reviews (2021): Our Industrial Picks

When it’s time to clean grease and grime from restaurant equipment, vehicles, or driveways and sidewalks, you need a commercial hot water pressure washer. But what qualifies a pressure washer to be commercial-grade?

To illustrate the advantages of a commercial pressure washer, let’s look at some facts. In this manner, you can make a smart decision about which model best fits your needs.

The first feature to examine when shopping for a pressure washer is the flow rate. The higher the flow of water, the better the washer will clean. Flow is presented in GPM or gallons per minute.

Next, the pressure isn’t everything. In fact, instead of looking at PSI, do the math to discover the cleaning units. All you have to do is multiply the flow rate by the PSI.

For example, you’ll want at least 9000 cleaning units to remove graffiti. To find the washer that offers 9000 cleaning units, look for one with the flow rate of at least 3 gallons per minute and 3000psi.

To clarify, any pressure washer that provides at least 3800 cleaning units is considered medium duty. And heavy duty is anything over 7600 cleaning units. You’re likely to find that most of the pressure washers in this range are gas powered.

Finally, hot water is a necessity if you need to remove oil and grease. Otherwise, cold water will simply push the dirt around. Although hot water pressure washers require more maintenance, they save a lot of effort and time. Plus, some have a steam option, too.

Best Commercial Pressure Washer 2021 Reviews

We hope our reviews of the top commercial pressure washers guide you to exactly what you need.

1. KranzleUSA Therm 1165 Steel Hot Water Electric Industrial Pressure Washer with Digital Temp Control

Kranzle makes some of the best commercial pressure washers with hot water in the business. A lot of that is due to their industrial grade pump design.

Their pumps can handle waiting in bypass for hours at a time and even run dry without being damaged. They also self-prime. Not only that, but they are freeze proof in cold weather. Even if water freezes inside the pump, it won’t be ruined.

(In case you’re wondering what bypass means, it’s when the pressure washer is operating but not spraying, as when the trigger is not being depressed.

Most electric pressure washer brands will warn you to not place their machine in bypass for more than a couple of minutes at a time.)

Next, this Kranzle 1165 pressure washer comes with a 65-foot braided wire hose on a reel, plus a Dirt Killer turbo nozzle.

It has a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute with 2400 PSI or 20,000 cleaning units.

In addition, it offers digital temperature control, and it’s steam-capable. In conclusion, if you need a pressure washer for agricultural or industrial purposes, this is one of the best gas pressure washers you can buy.

2. Dirt Killer H3612 Hot Water Gas Industrial Pressure Washer

The Dirt Killer H3612 is a gas powered industrial pressure washer with a freeze-proof Kranzle pump. Its flow rate is 4.2 gallons per minute with 3500 psi. And it runs on a Honda GX-LXE 13HP OHV engine with an electric start, unlike the Honda GX390 engine.

We discussed the advantages of a Kranzle pump in the review above, so let’s look at other details. For example, the Honda engine on this washer has a low oil alert.

Then, you won’t need to plug in the washer because a battery powers the burner. The burner uses diesel fuel and has a schedule 80 heating coil.

Also, it provides both hot water and steam. Finally, the washer comes with 50 feet of wire-braided hose and a set of four nozzles.

3. NorthStar ProShot Hot Water Commercial Pressure Washer Skid

The NorthStar ProShot pressure washer runs on a Kubota diesel engine that shuts down automatically should the oil level go too low. It has a durable triplex pump manufactured by General Pump. Also, it offers five cleaning modes including cold water up to 250°F with wet steam.

The skid design of this washer allows you to mount it on a vehicle of your choice. It comes with a 50-foot hose and six quick-connect nozzles. And it has a 5.5 GPM flow rate plus 4000 PSI.

4. Easy-Kleen Professional 2700 PSI Gas Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Easy-Kleen Professional has a 6.5hp Kohler engine that sports a large muffler to help it run more quietly. The commercial-duty triplex pump allows you to adjust the pressure. And the oil-fired burner allows you to adjust the thermostat.

In general, the schedule 80 heating coil manages a 145 to 150°F rise in temperature. Since water from the tap usually measures 60°F, the burner can help it reach the boiling point.

In summary, the Easy-Kleen offers 2700 PSI at 3GPM. It includes five quick-connect nozzles and 50 feet of hose. Plus, it’s covered by a 90-day commercial warranty.

5. NorthStar ProShot Hot Water Commercial Pressure Washer

This NorthStar ProShot commercial power washer is mounted on a trailer for convenience. The trailer has a 5000-pound capacity and 15-inch radial tires.

Then, the washer itself has a General Pump triplex pump powered by a Honda GX series engine plus a 200-gallon water tank. And besides the water tank, there is a 24-gallon chemical tank for detergent.

Professionals appreciate the NorthStar washer because it protects itself against damage. For example, should the oil or the water runs low, the washer will shut down. In addition, it is a belt-drive washer, the longest lasting design on the market.

Moreover, the washer has 12,000 cleaning units of power because it has a 4GPM flow rate with 3000 PSI.

And it’s very versatile because it provides five cleaning modes from cold water to wet steam. Plus, it has a 150-foot hose and six quick-connect nozzles including ones for chemicals and steam.

6. Easy-Kleen Professional 4000 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washer w/ Honda Engine

We selected the Easy-Kleen Professional pressure washer with a 13HP Honda engine because it’s popular for building maintenance. It puts out 4000 PSI at a flow rate of 3.5 GPM, which gives it plenty of cleaning power for a variety of applications.

This washer has an electric start and a 12-volt burner. The burner runs on furnace oil for diesel. Everything is mounted on a powder coated frame with 13-inch pneumatic tires. And it comes with a 50-foot hose and five nozzles for washing.

7. Shark SGP-353037 3,000 PSI 3.5 GPM Honda Gas Powered Hot Water Commercial Series Pressure Washer

The Shark SCG-353037 gas powered hot water commercial series pressure washer has a direct drive ump. The pump is covered by a 7 year warranty, and the rest of the washer is protected for one year on parts except for three years for the coil.

The pump is rated for 3000psi at 3.5 GPM. It’s powered by an 11HP Honda engine. And you can set the thermostat so that the washer runs with cold or hot water.

8. Shark HPB-353007A 3,000 PSI 3.5 GPM Electric Hot Water Industrial Series Pressure Washer

Not everyone wants or needs a gas powered pressure washer (Some people prefer electric pressure washers). If you’re typically washing indoors, a gas engine creates fumes and excess noise.

Instead, try the Shark HPB-353007A3 electric power washer. It is one of the best electric pressure washers because it has a belt-driven Karcher pump for long life and a diesel heater.

Although this pressure washer is smaller than some with its design like a hand truck, it offers 3000psi at 3.5 GPM. Plus, it has a one year warranty on parts, three year warranty on the coil, and a seven year warranty on the pump.

9. Briggs & Stratton Gas Pressure Washer 4000 PSI 4.0 GPM

Briggs & Stratton makes a cold water pressure washer that’s powered by their 2100 Series OHV engine. It has an Annovi Reverberi Triplex Pump for 4000 PSI at 4 GPM. Plus, you can adjust the pressure down to 300 PSI to match any job you need to do.

The pressure washer includes a 50-foot hose and five quick-connect tips for dispersing detergent or plain water. Please note again that this commercial grade washer does not heat the water.

If you purchase this washer for commercial use, you’ll have a three month commercial warranty. But if you buy it for home use, you’ll get a 24 month consumer warranty.

10. Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

The Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S gas pressure washer straddles the line between home and business use. It comes with a two year consumer warranty that includes a one year warranty on the pump. And its compact design plus the fact that the pump is maintenance free makes it more desirable for residential use.

The washer is powered by a Honda GC190 engine. It has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM with 3200 PSI. While it does not heat the water, it offers 8000 cleaning units of power.

Additionally, it comes with a 25-foot hose and five nozzles including a soap applicator for washing.

11. NorthStar Gas Powered Wet Steam & Hot Water Pressure Washer – 2,700 PSI, 2.5 GPM

This NorthStar power washer is compact and very portable on its 4 wheeled cart. It has 6750 cleaning units at 2700 PSI and a 2.5 GPM flow rate. Plus, its burner heats water up to 250°F to allow it to clean with steam, not just hot water.

The 12V burner runs on diesel or kerosene. Its fuel tank holds up to 4 gallons while the gas tank for the Briggs & Stratton 205cc Vanguard engine holds just under a gallon.

Next, the direct-drive triplex pump is made to last a long time just like the horizontal shaft engine. The pump has ceramic plungers plus a brass manifold. Also, there are features that protect the pump and burner from failure due to regular use.

Finally, the washer comes with a lance, hose, and nozzles. It has adjustable pressure and temperature, too.

Two common problems that can ruin a pressure washer

problems that can ruin a pressure washer

Two things can damage your new hot water pressure washer unless you take care of them.

One is improper lubrication. High-pressure pumps like the ones on a power washer need clean oil to deal with the friction and heat. Keep an eye on your oil levels, checking them before each time you use the machine.

The second problem is operating the washer in bypass mode. That’s when you have it running, but you don’t pull the trigger. The water recirculates in the pump and heat from the hot water builds.

The only exceptions to this rule are the Kranzle pumps that tolerate bypass mode for long periods or pumps with a thermal relief valve. To avoid trouble, just turn off the washer if you won’t be using it again soon.


Commercial grade high pressure power washers are excellent for tackling tough jobs. Restaurants use some of the best gas pressure washers on the market to clean greasy equipment. Fleet services employ them to maintain their vehicles. And we hope you found the perfect power washer for your job today, too.

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