Is there anyone out there that doesn’t enjoy in depth pressure washer reviews about a compact, user friendly, dirt busting electric washer that is also great value for money.

So that’s why I though it was about time I review the AR Blue Clean AR 118.

So what is there we need to know about this machine ?

Well despite its small size it still manages 1,500 P.S.I at 1.50 G.P.M of high pressure water giving it 2,250 Cleaning Power units.As with all machines in this price range it comes with an axial pump.AR are a very well know brand in high pressure pumps and this is still the main focus of their business so you can feel relaxed knowing there is quality pumping away inside.

While I agree that doesn’t sound very much ,its important to remember the whole washer weighs around 12 pounds and with 20 feet of hose and 30 feet of electrical cord everything in the home should be within reach.Which is what really set this machine apart from its competitors.

At 2,250 cleaning units it is still strong enough to do most household tasks like cleaning decking and fencing or sidings.You shouldn’t expect too many miracles as its not meant to compete with a big gas driven pressure washer like the Generac 6022 but then again you certainly can’t find any gas powered models anywhere close to the price of the AR 118.

Some people complimented the assembly saying that machine was so small it was easy to locate where everything was meant to go but I will also add that some other people have criticised the poor instructions.Some complained the wrong paperwork was included.

For example the hose connector,some people received a clear and black with blue connector while others got an all black connection in the box.If your unsure the clear connector goes onto the machine with the black and blue connector connecting to the garden hose.In the case of the all black connector it will be labeled on the part itself where it is meant to go.

At this point I always add that teflon tape can be used to seal up any leaks and if unsure you can take the connector you got in the box down to a hardware store and buy a new brass connector.Its good to take it with you to make sure its the right one as there is many variations.

When I first used this I had my doubts if it could produce enough power from a small package to really be able to clean anything but I was really impressed when I started going over some decking out my back.Not only was it able to clean a years worth of grime away but I noticed that some of the wood was slightly gouged and im sure if I was less careful I would have caused more damage to the decking.

It is also nice with the trigger that as soon as you release the trigger the pump will stop there by making things quieter and more importantly saving wear and tear on the pump.

Some niggles I did notice with the cord was that its hard to coil all of it back onto the area where its meant to go,it can be done but it takes careful planning to make it all fit, instead what I did was coil some of it onto the cord holder and the rest of it onto where the high pressure hose was meant to go.As with all washers of this price range the hose is made from plastic and if you coil it to much it will stay kinked which makes using the hose cumbersome so with the hose I just round it up into my hands and lay it to the side.

The machine also includes a reset button if you were to have any problem with the electrics.This is a useful feature though as it adds an extra fail safe to the washer.If for some reason you find the machine not working try pressing the reset button before calling customer service…… that will save you from an embarrassing moment.

Something to be very careful of is the sequence in which you turn everything on with this pressure washer.In the instructions they say you must pull the trigger on the wand first before turning the electricity on.Im not fully sure what would happen if you do it the wrong way and I don’t want to find out but I imagine it would cause the pump to over heat as there would still be air inside and not water.


Included is a small soap bottle to help spread detergent you might wish to use.

Now,as with most pressure washers of this price range you are only able to use accessories from that manufactor.So, before purchasing any extensions or surface cleaners make sure its compatible.


While quite a few people said the machine was strong but felt it could be stronger, its a fair point ,you are not going to be able to get rid of deep pitted stains……….. but I should mention that in this price range and size with a well known brand building it nothing matches this little pressure washer.

I’ve had mine a few months now and all my family have used it since its so easy to pack up inside a bag and transport it.My brother even likes to travel with it and use it while washing his fishing boat to get rid of the salt water.

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