I, Chris Lee, am a self-proclaimed gadget geek who loves to use and review different gadgets. I welcome you to www.pressurewasherwizard.com. This website takes you into the world of Pressure Washers. Numerous gas and electric pressure washers have been reviewed by me after using each one for various months. All the reviews are solely based on my personal experiences as well as the knowledge I possess about the pressure washers. An effective Pressure Washer is one of the primary requirements of almost every household in USA. With the ever-increasing brands of pressure washers, it has become extremely difficult to choose the right one.

I am almost obsessed with cleanliness. It is this obsession that made me use numerous pressure washers all my life. Few were outstanding, many were good but maximum of them were sheer disasters. I wanted everyone to learn from my mistakes and make optimum cleaning choices for themselves. Hence, this blog. Because of my years of experience of working with different washers, I have the ability to review different pressure washers on the basis of –

  • Effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Material used
  • Technical specifications and
  • Availability

I try to include all the features, technicalities, pros and cons in my pressure washer reviews to give a fairly well idea about the product to the reader. Belief in delivering quality and trustworthy content to all my readers gave birth to www.pressurewasherwizard.com. I am solely responsible for all the reviews on this website and try to keep them completely unbiased. It is the trustworthiness in my reviews that has blessed me dedicated readers from all over the states.

I would request you to read all the reviews and avail the pressure washer that suits you the most.

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